Oak Online Growth | The effect of Dragons Den on Grounded Body Scrubs Website Traffic? Watch Live!
Over the course of a two-hour period, 32,000 people hit the website, with traffic peaking at 12,000+ people on the site at the same time. Watch it live here!

Grounded Body Scrubb

About This Project

We have always wondered when watching Dragons’ Den, what companies do to ensure their website is ready for the huge influx of traffic they are likely to get. But without fail, every time you go on a pitching company’s website, it crashes. As long as the pitching company has a good idea whether the dragons invest or not, being on the show to an audience of 2M+ provides major brand awareness and is an amazing platform to showcase your product.

So the question we asked was why don’t companies plan ahead?
We were excited when we found out one of our clients, Grounded Body Scrub was going to be pitching to the Dragons for investment because it gave us a chance to be put to the test. But with the amazing upcoming opportunity, it was time to take their brand to the next level. So we wanted to redesign their website to make it clean and minimal, removing a lot of the clutter. While simultaneously maintaining brand clarity and a high conversion rate for the upcoming spike in page views.

So what was the solution?
We started with the WordPress framework and installed WooCommerce as the e-commerce platform which provided a solid lightweight foundation for their small product base. This allowed us to build a unique theme to distinguish their brand. For the payments, we went with PayPal to ensure every user could checkout with a familiar secure merchant.

Keeping Everything Online!
The next problem was that our clients brand-new website was going to be hit with hundreds of thousands of concurrent visitors, but we had planned ahead and we were well prepared. We used DigitalOcean, which allowed us to easily spin up our servers for the airing of the show and scale quickly and easily. Also utilising their new Floating IP’s for a staging and production environments made development cycle of the site a breeze. Just DigitalOcean wasn’t quite enough, we configured the server with easyengine.io making it seamless to manage Nginx, a fast web-server software that consumes little memory when handling increasing volumes of server requests. Which is exactly what we would be expecting from the exposure of Dragons Den. Last but certainly not least was CloudFlare for the DNS and content cached delivery. This made the website load in miliseconds.

So what was the outcome?
The website stayed online despite the immense pressure, thanks to the robust setup already put in place. You can see the growing load of the traffic and the airing in the video on the left. Over the course of one and a half hours the site received in excess of 32,000 views, with traffic peaking at 11,000+ users on the website at one time. This amounted in orders in excess of 1000+ which means overall it was a very successful campaign and Grounded Body Scrub were extremely happy with the website and infrastructure we put in place.

So if you want to grow your business online then we would be happy to help.